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S. Fork Holston River

Wade Trips for Trout

The South Fork of the Holston River is considered one of the best wild trout streams in Virginia. It is aquifer fed off the Mount Rogers Recreation Area, which feeds cool spring water from several small streams into the South Fork. With clear clean cold water, the South Fork maintains a virtually perfect temperature range and never freezes in the winter or becomes especially warm in the summer. This makes for spectacular year-round fly fishing.


Your guide Richard Formato, who owns a cabin on the South Fork, is our resident expert. He practices a simplified style where casting is less important to presentation using smaller weighted nymphs to get in the strike zone. Richard guides exclusively on private property outside of the National Forest boundary, so no N.F. stamp is needed.


Typically, 4/5 wt. rods with floating lines and a 9' leader (4x) are used.


About Your Trip:

All trips require a $125 "good faith" deposit at time of booking.

Half Day Rates:

  • 1 Person: $450

  • 2 People: $500

Full Day Rates

  • 1 Person: $550

  • 2 People: $600

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