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We're committed to delivering a first-class experience for anglers. See what our clients and industry friends are saying about fishing with us below.

Bryan Lanier, Client

"I've been fishing with Mike and his team for five plus years and vouch for their expertise regarding different fishing techniques and knowledge of the river.  He and his team work hard to give you the greatest opportunities for fishing success and are always a pleasure to fish with. Could not recommend them highly enough!"

New River Smallie

Mick Spaulding, Smallmouth Chronicles

"Mike was very thorough with rods, lines, flies, and his expectations for the trip.  His excitement for the day was contagious.  Immediately after we launched it was crystal clear that he knew every rock, eddy, current change, structure, and slick that would hold fish on that day. If you are considering your own adventure on the New River BOOK Mike Smith. Quite simply, he's the best of the best and your experience will be well rounded with knowledge, tactics, strategy, and a ton of fun."

Ed Jaworowski,
Casting Instructor

"Success or failure of a trip depends as much or more on the ability of the guide as that of the angler.  Mike's combined boat handling skill, knowledge of the river, and understanding of smallmouth bass will virtually assure you of a memorable day on the water. The New River is one of the most beautiful rivers in the mid-Atlantic, and Mike is one of the top guides I've fished with."

Ed Jaworowski is the author of Troubleshooting the Cast.

New River Fly Fishing

Bill Hylander, Client

"I've caught trophy-sized smallies, walleye, and muskie all on fly with New River Fly Fishing. They know their stuff!"

Beau Beasley, Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival

"As an outdoor writer I have the opportunity to fish in a variety of rivers with multiple guides across the country. I can honestly say that Mike is one of the best guides operating today. He is knowledgeable and hard working and more importantly wants to share his knowledge with everyday anglers. When I'm looking for a shot at trophy smallies, I make a bee line for New River Fly Fishing."


Beau Beasley is the author of Fly Fishing Virginia and Fly Fishing the Mid-Atlantic.


Martin Bawden,
Flymen Fishing Company

"Mike is quietly emerging as one of the leading figures of the next generation of professional fly fisherman.  Much more than just a guide, Mike is an incredibly well-rounded fly fisherman and demonstrates an amazing insight into all facets of fly fishing, both on-and-off the water.  His ongoing contributions have proven to be a key factor in the success of Flymen Fishing Company."

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