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Smith River 

Float Trips for Trout

We run float trips on the Smith River year round targeting wild brown trout. Starting at Philpott Dam, trout are prevalent downstream for approximately 30 miles. The river is divided into upper, middle, and lower sections. Wild brown trout are abundant throughout the river. Rainbow trout are also stocked in the upper and middle sections providing angler opportunities as well.
In the upper section, catchable brown trout numbers are in the 2500-3000 trout per river mile. Most of the fish in this section are 7-13” long with the occasional larger fish mixed in. We see the most aquatic insect life in the upper section in the spring and summer providing anglers with steady dry fly opportunities and great catch numbers.
The middle section contains slightly different habitat as it enters the town of Bassett. Catchable trout numbers decrease slightly, but brown trout size increases to between 8-15". Rainbows are also stocked in this section and provide anglers great opportunities during the fall and winter months. Dry flies, nymphing, and streamers are all productive tactics.
The lower section near Martinsville contains the largest fish in the river system, but numbers start to decline as habitat and water temperature start to lean towards warm water species. Nymphing and streamer fishing are primary tactics.

Typically, 4/5 wt. rods with floating lines and a 10'-12' leader (5x) are used for fishing dries or nymphs and 6/7 wt. rods with sinking lines and a 4' leader (2x) for streamers.


About Your Trip:

All trips require a $125 "good faith" deposit at time of booking.

3/4 Day Rates:

  • 1 Person: $425

  • 2 People: $475

Full Day Rates

  • 1 Person: $500

  • 2 People: $550

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