About Us

​If you're looking for a professional guide service with local knowledge and expertise, you've come to the right place. "My first fishing trips on the New were made in the 1970's to our family's cabin at Bertha Falls, near Lone Ash, VA.  As teenagers, my cousin and I  would fish from sunup to sundown, often having the entire river to ourselves.  Since then, I have spent countless days fishing and guiding on the river all the way from the North Carolina line into West Virginia.  Now, I enjoy introducing other anglers to this amazing fishery and passing on my knowledge about it." -- Mike Smith




New River Fly Fishing is run by veteran fishing guide Mike Smith, who has 20+ years of experience guiding on the New.  Mike is also a product development specialist for Flymen Fishing Company and the author of the Angler's Guide series of fishing books published by the University of Virginia Press. As a fly designer, his list of signature flies includes: the Skull Daddy, Foxy Shrimp, Forage Fly, Saltwater Forage Fly, River Creature, Salt Creature and Egg Sucking Flash Minnow, which are featured in the May/June 2013 issue of Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine.